Welcome to Signal Experiments.

This is a place where you can find sampled sounds for your digital music and occasional tips and advice.

Human beings are creative by nature. The fact that current technologies now allow anyone to create virtual orchestrations is therefore deeply inspiring. Professionals, independent artists and hobbyists alike have long realized the value of computer performed orchestras in film, TV, video games and even just for fun. As computers are now so common, the majority of us who cannot afford an army of real musicians now have the option to hear acceptably good, or even deceptively realistic, orchestral performances of our creative compositions and arrangements.

I’m an independent sound designer who tries to promote this creative revolution by developing instrumental sound libraries and making them available for free or at very low prices. Of course, it wouldn’t be very helpful to everyone to have free or affordable libraries that would only work on expensive samplers. The “signal experiments” that can be found here will be released in the more accessible SFZ format.

Find Signal Experiments on:


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