Slender Salmander Grand Piano

A phase aligned version of Alexander Holm’s awesome Salamander Grand Piano.

The Salamander Grand Piano is sampled from a Yamaha C5 and originally released with 16 sampled velocity layers. With this very detailed level of sampling the library reaches over a gigabyte.

By applying phase alignment, then velocity cross-fading, the sample library is reduced to around 300MB. Still not a small library, but a balanced trade-off between size and fidelity. The SFZ library can now aslo be loaded in slightly older machines without any hiccups. (If you are looking for a smaller footprint library, check out HED-Sounds’s 24.5MB SF2 soundfont, the Salamander C5 Light,¬†which is an incredible sampling feat).



* For maximum compatibility, we will always try to maintain the license of the source material in our derivative works.