There’s this common held belief in universities that people look at your thesis only to read the acknowledgements section. If that applies to websites, then this is possibly our most important article. 🙂

First and foremost

Thanks to all the awesome creative and fun musicians/music makers who have downloaded, viewed and purchased our work. Seeing our work being appreciated is the best encouragement we can get!

Sharing is caring

We thank the following for spreading the word and taking their time and effort to review our samples:

Behind the scenes

Singal Experiment’s existence in the web is made possible by the following:

  • Besides the ease in creating blogs and websites, we highly appreciate the simplicity of obtaining a domain name through WordPress.
  • Perhaps the easiest way for artists to monetize their creations. They take care of storage and all that complicated stuff so you can focus on creating content. And they only take a small cut from it.
  • A friendly place for sound designers to start profiting from their creations.
  • The popular way to publicize audio content.
  • Sadly, underrated, Zoho freely offers services that you would otherwise pay for at Google. Zoho is the backend of sig-ex’s domain email address, and it is free! They also offer other business oriented web services for free or at lower prices.

Special thanks also goes to the following websites and the people behind them for making it easier to freely share audio content:

Great minds in great communities

Tools of the trade

Among the many many software tools we use to create my samples and stuff, these are the ones that we heavily rely on and are essential for our work: