Track Spark to release the full SFZ instruments!


In upcoming months, the full versions of Sustain Strings, Brass and Woodwinds SFZ sections will be realeased for free to Tack Spark subscribers!

For an affordable $5.99 monthly subscription Track Spark provides high quality music production software, samples, tutorials and other content  curated from different developers. New comers are welcome to join free for a month.

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*This is posted in May of 2018.

SSO SE: Looped SSO Instruments

The amazing creative commons licensed (free!) Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra (SSO) by Mattias Westlund,  has inspired many of us into MIDI orchestration. Even for independent developers such as ourselves, SSO serves as someting that we can compare our own samples with. In our quest to make the process of looping samples less painful we have therefore used SSO as a testbed for further refining our tools while also gaining more experience.

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